Cake Smash

Preparing for Your Cake Smash Photography Session

A Cake Smash is a fun and exciting moment for both parents and child. With that excitement, there can also be some stress. Here are some things to keep in mind for this exciting milestone!

Before your little one gets to smash the cake, we will do some milestone pictures that bring out your child’s personality. I do have outfits available for this or you are welcome to bring your own. You can also bring a favorite toy or blanket to include.

Some kids dig in right away, others need some encouragement. Be ready to get your hands dirty and dig into that frosting too! Bring some cheerios or puffs with you for this.

Light colors work best for the cake, because dark smears on your baby’s face doesn’t look good in pictures. Stay away from red or browns. Vanilla is the best!

Prior to the session, let your baby try cake and icing. The sweetness and texture can sometimes be overwhelming to them.