HI! My name is Michelle, I am your newborn photographer! 

I hate having my picture taken!  The first thing I need to say, is this isn’t how I will look when you come to your session!  My hair will be pulled away from my face so not to tickle the baby!  I usually am dressed in yoga pants with a neutral colored top.  I’ve been peed on, pooped on, and spit up on (sometimes all in one session) and have learned from experience to wear clothes that don’t cost too much to replace! 


You may have just had a newborn, and you are probably EXHAUSTED, emotional, sore and head-over-hills in love with your new bundle!

Maybe you are in the last month of your pregnancy, and you are probably EXHAUSTED, emotional, sore and excited to meet this new life that has been growing inside of you for the last 8 or 9 months!

Or MAYBE you just found out that you are expecting!  You are probably EXHAUSTED, emotional, nauseous, and possibly a little apprehensive about the upcoming months!

Why must all of this equal exhaustion?!




My job is to make one tiny little aspect of you new baby easier.  My passion is to document this short time period where your baby is a newborn.  That age when they still fit in the crook of your arm and love to sleep on your chest!

So when you pull up into my studio at Precious Memories by Michelle, there might be some uncertainty as to what you will see and what will happen during your session!  I’ve put together a little list of some of the things you will notice when you come in for your session!

And now, here’s the list:

1. You will feel very, very warm! If the adults aren’t sweating, then the room isn’t warm enough!

Your newborn baby doesn’t have the same circulation as a grown adult. It is harder for them to regulate their own temperature. They have just come from a VERY warm environment, and I want them to feel as comfortable as they did in your tummy! It is very common that dad falls asleep before baby does (and I can get a baby to fall asleep pretty quickly!)


2. You will here a loud "SHHH" sound This helps drown out other noises in the room and keeps baby from waking.


3. My studio is small, but I get the most use out of every bit of it.  From the comfy chair, to the changing table, and I have a break room filled with water bottles, diet cokes, and occasionally a package of cookies (we must have a little sugar to keep our energy up)! There is a waiting room out front, that is great if you need to cool off a little bit! Dads spend a lot of time there usually! I have a second room where I keep all of my props, so you may see me go between both rooms sometimes. I also try to take things to the other room as I finish with them, to make more room where we are. I have some folding chairs I can bring in if you have family coming with you, but I cannot fit more than 3 adults in my studio at a time.  I want you to feel at home, so that you can sit and relax while I play with your new little bundle!  Truly, it makes my heart happy to turn and see parents relaxed or asleep!  It means they are comfortable with me and trust me with their most precious possession in the world!


4. You’ll notice a large blanket covered teepee???

This is where I always start posing your baby! It has layers upon layer of soft, fluffy fabrics so that I can quickly change them out to give a different look to one session!

5. You’ll also notice a fun little spot with multiple backdrops. I may have a nice one set up before you even arrive. The key to newborn sessions is (besides heat) fluid transition between one set-up to another. Once baby is asleep, we must work as smoothly and quickly as we can!

If you’ve got a specific style in mind, let me know before and I’ll try to create a set up that will match your ideas!

6. You will see piles and piles and piles of fabrics and wraps and basket stuffers and baskets and……. It’s an addiction I have, but I want each client to feel like they got something a little different than the last client.

8. You’ll notice hand sanitizer! You’ll notice me using it….OFTEN!

If I feel even the slightest bit sick I will call and reschedule the session. I have had my whooping cough shot and keep up to date on my flu shots. I would feel terrible if I were the reason your newborn got sick!

9. I keep many conveniences that you would need for a new baby on hand for you to use!

Wipes, binky wipes, baby lotion, blankets, burp clothes… you name it I have or will get it for you!

The studio also has a bathroom. 


10.  The last thing you will notice is that right away I will take that adorable little baby and snuggle him or her in my arms and sway a little and bounce a little and maybe even dance a little!  I am quite good at soothing and even putting to sleep your little angel!  I’ve even been called the baby whisperer!  If I can’t get the baby to soothe and sleep, then we will resort to things such as paci or even a feeding to help them soothe.  I want you to be able to sit back and relax during the session, babies can feel the mood in the room, and their mood will reflect that.  Relaxation is the key for everyone, especially mom! !

There are a few poses that I will ask for a quick hand, other than that, I will take the reigns and lead the session while you watch (and giggle when I get pooped on), and maybe get in the best sleep you’ve had since your baby arrived, and enjoy your session!