So you’re expecting a baby?!  Maybe you’ve just had a new baby.  Have you booked your newborn’s first portrait session?  There are so many questions surrounding that first session.  Can I bring my own outfits?  Can I be in the pictures with my newborn?  What is expected from me during the session?  The most common question of all:  What if my baby poops on the photographer during the session?

In an effort to creatively answer all your questions in relative quiet, I put my son on a Fisher Price website and turned it to an alphabet game listening to him play reminded me of all those alphabet books we have hiding in our homes -I know we all have at least 5 (A is for Aligator, B is for Bear)! This gave me a great idea, I’ll present the first ever  The A to Zs of your Newborn Session!

We all know how many letters there are in the alphabet, and that can make for a very, very long read! I know that you are exhausted from being pregnant, or from just having a baby, and I know that if you sit still for longer than 10 minutes, you’ll slip into a sleep deprived coma!  For this reason, I broke our alphabet presentation into 3 posts.  I don’t want to put you to sleep until you’re in the studio for your session, then you can sleep all you like!

I now present to you:


The A to Z’s of your Newborn Session: Part 1


Application – Book your appointment in the beginning of your 3rd trimester to ensure we can fit your newborn in!  I book my pregnant moms by their due date.  This gives me a good idea of how many newborns I have at a given time.  Once you deliver, give us a call and we’ll finalize your appointment!  If you’ve already delivered your baby don’t worry, I always leave a day open each week for last minute appointments.


Binky – Babies need to suck to soothe.  Sometimes the difference between nailing the pose and missing it is as simple as that binky.  Studies show that babies need to suck to soothe.  Please consider bringing a binky to use in the off chance that my soothing technics aren’t effective.


Calm – Babies can sense when mom is nervous.  Babies can sense when I’m nervous.  It is so important to remain calm and relaxed before and during the session.  I set my studio up the night before a session so that the morning you come in I’m not feeling rushed or anxious.  I sit at the computer and stalk all of my favorite newborn photographers to get my ideas running.  Even if you’re running a few minutes late (one of the biggest causes of anxiety before a session), it’s okay.  I’ve planned for a little wiggle room.  It’s more important that you arrive relaxed then it is to feel anxious that you’ve arrived a few minutes late.


Diaper – Put baby’s diaper on loosely right before coming to the session.  That will help minimize any marks on the baby’s skin from the elastic in the diaper.


Eat – You can diet AFTER the newborn session!  It is imperative that you eat enough calories to help establish your milk if you’re nursing.  Lots of milk = full tummy = happy, sleepy baby.


Feed – Before you arrive at your newborn session, feed your baby a full feeding plus some!  The term often used is milk drunk! We’ll take as many pit stops during the session as needed to fill baby back up if they’re running on low.


Gassy – Make sure and burp your baby after her very full feeding.  A gassy tummy can make a very sad baby. If your baby tends to be very gassy, you can look into options like gripe water.  You can also try avoiding caffeinated beverages {gasp} for a few days before the session.  Dairy has also been thought to be the cause of a gassy baby. Sometimes just being posed on their belly in those squishy newborn poses will help work the bubbles out on their own.


Heat – It’s going to be warm….very, very warm during your newborn’s session.  My goal is to get the studio up to about 84 degrees.  I have heating pads under the props, heaters throughout the room, and the studio heat is on.  Dads are usually the most uncomfortable out of everybody in the room.  They are welcome to escape the heat and sneak into a different room for some t.v. if they prefer.


Instagram – Remember you get print credits when you snap a cell shot and send it on it’s way to the interweb… just remember to tag me first…and let me know when your going to snap a shot, so I can suck in and smile lol!  I love it when you tell your friends what a great time you’re having – real time – during your newborn session!