We met up at the park to take some pictures of Ashtyn for her first birthday! Mom wanted to get a few with big brother and I am so happy he gave us five minutes of his time and a few smiles! Then he kissed sissy on the head and took off for the swings! Ashtyn was awesome! She didn't care to change her outfit so many times, but give her beads, she was all smiles! She has grown so much since I took her newborn pictures last year! <3 her!
Big brother giving his sissy a kiss!Colton and Ashtyn. So adorable!Ashtyn is turning one!She loved the beads, it was the only way we could keep her happy!Such a beautiful, happy little baby!I love her eyes, so blue!Another one with the beads!A dress her mommy wore as a baby, so sweet to be able to photograph her in it now.Just look at that face! Beautiful!<3 her eyes!Smash the cake!